Bulk Commodities Trading

DBG is one of the largest trading houses of the country being engaged in import and trading of Bulk commodities since the last 31 years. While it imports all sorts of fertilizer (Urea, Triple Super Phosphate (TSP), Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP), Muriate of Potash (MOP) and Ammonium Sulphate (AMSUL), Ground Rock Phosphate etc. It also imports Wheat, Pulses, Rice, Sugar and other bulk commodities. In collaboration with overseas suppliers, it also exports Fertilizers to Nepal, Turkey and other countries through its trading sister concerns.

We were the sole off-taker of phosphatic fertilizers from PHOSCHEM, CONAGRA INTERNATIONAL and AGROSIN INTERNATIONAL for MOP. The company used to source out almost all kinds of fertilizers and its raw materials/ingredients from major producers from North Africa, Middle-East, USA, Black Sea and Far-East regions and fixed their chartered vessels for carrying the above-mentioned fertilizers.

Once upon a time, the group used to import and supply 40% of the country’s total fertilizer requirements. 

Fertilizer Marketing Corporation (FMC)

Established in 2003, FMC concentrates on import, trade and supply of all sorts of fertilizer including, but not limited to, DAP, MOP & TSP from omnibus origins. In recent years, the company has emerged as one of the largest importers of fertilizer in Bangladesh

M.R. Trading

Since its establishment in 1998, M. R. Trading is engaged in import-export, trading, and supply of fertilizer/cement/rice and other food grains. This company along with other associates has exported fertilizer to Nepal, India, Turkey, and other countries. The company has supplied a huge amount of food grain and rice to the DG Food which has contributed a lot to overcome the food shortage of Bangladesh.

Moru Trade Ltd

The very first trading company of Deshbandhu Group, was established in 1989. The primary business of the company is to import and marketing of bulk commodities. Immediately after inception of the company, it started importing cement as bulk commodities. Subsequently, the Company concentrated on import, supply and marketing of Fertilizer after the decision of the Government to withdraw restrictions on the private Sector to import Fertilizer. Since 1992 the company and its associates imported more than two million tons of fertilizer & other raw materials.

To diversify its business, the company started dealing in Rice in 1994. It has successfully imported and supplied huge quantity of rice/food grains to the Department of Food, Government of Bangladesh towards their Food grain Procurement Programme. Moru Trade has been recognized and appreciated by the GOB in several occasions for their contributions in the field of supplying agriculture inputs in the most crucial in times.

Commodities Trading Company

Since its establishment in 1998, CTC mostly imports and markets fertilizers, food grains, rice, pulses and petrochemicals. It has warehouses in major wholesale markets like Noapara, Narayanganj, Nagarbari, Baghabari, Bhairab, etc.