Deshbandhu Group
over the years

It is often the idea of challenging the status quo that powers you forward. That idea, complemented with self-belief and a positive spirit, saw the birth of DESHBANDHU. Almost on impulse and proving the adage true – life can and does begin at thirty – Mr. Golam Mostafa left the comfort of his life to tread the uncertain path of entrepreneurship.

Armed with confidence, determination, and the ability to think big, Golam Mostafa pioneered a modern refined sugar manufacturing business. Soon after, younger brother Golam Rahman, joined his brother and mentor Golam Mostafa.  The company lived this portrayal to the core, and soon the yields that came out of it, earned standing and were favored by the industry. The two brothers have taken Deshbandhu Group to a whole new level, working arm-in-arm together.

It all started with trading bulk commodities, expanding into real estate and then the manufacturing & service industry. Three decades on, Bangladesh has matured as a sourcing destination and DESHBANDHU has evolved as a brand for the article. The journey carries on, bringing in the new generation to sustain continuity. Today, Deshbandhu Group, a household name, has grown into one of the largest and most successful Conglomerates of Bangladesh, with business in various sectors such as food & allied, textile & apparel, real estate & construction materials, and service industry, employing over 15,000 people.


DESHBANDHU’s tagline of four simple words defines its attitude. If something is worth doing, then it is worth doing well. DESHBANDHU is humble enough to acknowledge that it is not invincible, but arrogant enough to state that if it cannot stand in what it takes up, then it will not pursue it. DESHBANDHU was born with the name country and developing relations and we will settle with no less.

Delving deeper into the fundamentals of our tagline “দেশ ও জনগণের বন্ধু” (FRIEND OF COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE), one can truly understand what DESHBANDHU stands for. The stance of a man who stands essentially represents that he is proud of what he is doing or has accomplished. Here at DESHBANDHU, we believe in being the best at what we do but only if it means doing it in the right way.

While commercial goals are integral to success, for us success is not only what we accomplish but how we accomplish it. For us to achieve victory, the aftermath should never result in victims. DESHBANDHU’s way of life is engraved in every aspect of the business. Yes, we want to stand tall but never at the expense of what we believe in. To be able to tower over the rest, we want to take a strong stance and that within itself is gratifying enough.


Continual Improvement


30+ Years Experience